State Archives of Belgium

The State Archives of Belgium house close to 300 kilometres of archival material dating from the medieval period to the present day, access to which can be arranged through any of its 19 dedicated reading rooms. To make its vast collections navigable, the Archives have produced several search tools such as guides, inventories and institutional studies. The State Archives regularly organises exhibitions as well.

Recently, the Archives performed a comprehensive analysis of the Belgian Jewish archival heritage held at a range of institutions in Belgium and also internationally. In total, thousands of collections held in close to 120 institutions of six countries were surveyed, and the results of this research will be presented in a forthcoming publication. 

Principal investigators of the project are Gertjan Desmet and Dr Pascale Falek-Alhadeff. Gertjen is a historian and archivist, whose professional interests include the history of the political Left, migration history and archival theory. He has published on the history of German refugees of the radical left in Belgium (1933-1940). Pascale is a historian and Jewish Studies scholar. Her thesis and academic publications focus on Eastern European female Jewish students in interwar Belgium. Currently, she also serves as Curator at the Jewish Museum of Belgium.