Omsk State University

The Omsk State University is one of the leading centres of scholarly research in Western Siberia.

The University’s Yerusha project aims to survey Jewish-related archival materials in the city of Omsk. It works with a comprehensive approach and explores not only the state and municipal holdings, but also the documents preserved by the local Jewish community. This easternmost link in the chain of Yerusha projects is planned to be extended to the cities of Tomsk and Tobolsk in the coming years.  

This project is being led by Dr Victoria A. Gerasimova, who received her PhD in history at the Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies in the Russian State University for Humanities, Moscow. As of May 2014, Victoria has served as a researcher at the Omsk State University, where her main research foci include: Jews in the Russian Empire and Eastern Europe, confessional boarders in early modern Russia and confessional policy in the Russian Empire.