Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives

The Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives, operating under the auspices of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Hungary, is one of the most extensive Jewish community collections in Central and Eastern Europe. The Archives and its predecessor institutions have been in uninterrupted operation since the early nineteenth century with the establishment of the Jewish Community of Pest. It holds ca. 1,400 linear metres of documents, including community papers, vital registries, personal documentary bequests and Holocaust-related materials.

The project aims to create content for the Yerusha database by surveying the most important Jewish and Jewish-related archival materials in Hungary. It includes the collection-level description of the records of the Archives as well as the survey of five other carefully selected institutions. The materials will produce representative samples of the entirety of Jewish and Jewish-related documents in Hungary, providing an overall picture of the Jewish experience in Hungary throughout the centuries.

The project leaders is Zsuzsanna Toronyi, Director of the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives. A museologist, historian and archivist, she is one of the foremost experts on Jewish archival and tangible heritage of Hungary. She is the creator of numerous exhibitions and (co)-author of several volumes, articles and studies on the topic. Her most recent publication is A Pictorial History of the Jews in Hungary (2014)