Jewish Museum in Prague

Postcard depicting the Jewish Hospital in Franzensbad (Františkovy Lázně) (Jewish Museum in Prague)

1601 collection descriptions

Czech Republic, Slovakia

Lead researchers: Michal Frankl, Jarka Vitámvásová, Jana Turanska

The Jewish Museum in Prague was established in 1906 and documents, preserves and exhibits the Jewish cultural heritage of Moravia and Bohemia. The Museum holds 1,000 linear metres of archival documents, 1500 Hebrew, Yiddish and German rare books and manuscripts and 65,000 photographs documenting Jewish life in Central Europe. For Yerusha, the Museum has systematically collected information about archival collections in the Czech Republic containing records related to the history of Jewish communities. In cooperation with the Holocaust Documentation Center in Bratislava, the Museum has also carried out extensive research in Slovakia.

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