Centrum Judaicum

Letterhead of the Israelite Educational Institution, a training programme for Jewish children in agricultural work, 1902 (Centrum Judaicum)

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Lead researcher: Barbara Welker

The archive of the New Synagogue of Berlin – Centrum Judaicum holds approximately 500 linear metres of archival material, detailing the history of more than 400 Jewish communities located in pre-WW1 Germany from the 17th century until the present day. Highlights include the records of the Jewish community of Halle/Saale from 1859 to 1995 and documents of the Jewish community in Berlin from the period after 1945. It also holds the papers of Rabbi Leo Baeck as well as those of Regina Jonas, the first ordained female rabbi in the world. For Yerusha, Centrum Judaicum has provided descriptions of all of its collections.

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