July 2016

19 Jul 10 Commandments of Jewish Heritage – Part 2

Read Part 1 3. Thou shalt guard your archives and implement an effective collection policy Buried in the detritus of attics of abandoned old synagogues, hidden in the locked cabinets of government bureaucracy, stored in shoeboxes in a kitchen cupboard shelf, or haphazardly filed in the papers...

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15 Jul 10 Commandments of Jewish Heritage – Part 1

The 10 commandments, received on Shavuot, are conceptually divided as commandments between God and Man (e.g. loving God, obeying God) and those between Man and Man (e.g. not to kill, steal or commit adultery) Another term for God is Makom, literally ‘place’ and this essay...

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08 Jul Yerusha expands

In the first six months of the year Yerusha has launched four new survey projects.  From Georgia to Transylvania and from Southern Slovakia to St. Petersburg, our researchers will map and record hundreds of Jewish archival collections. What happened to the An-Sky collection? As a key member...

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